Resistance Band Padding

Resistance band padding for larger hands

Are you a Beachbody Workout fanatic, but you just can’t tolerate the small circumference of the resistance band grip?

My husband understands. He has large hands and is extremely uncomfortable with the grip of his Beachbody workout resistance bands. He developed THESE for men and women like YOU who need a larger grip.

Band Padding Grip

Resistance band padding for arthritic hands

Don’t allow the pain and discomfort of arthritis to interfere with your workout.

This padding will enable you to complete that workout with less pain and discomfort. 

Arthritic Hands

Relief for your cramping hands

This padding provides extra comfort for your grip while still allowing you to freely accomplish all the moves on the DVD’s.

If you’ve suffered with any unnecessary discomfort in your hands from your resistance bands in the past, then this product is for you!

Band Padding Diameter